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TJ Schmidt & Company operates a variety of amusement rides geared for all ages. From Spectacular Rides such as the Mega Shot to Kiddieland favorites like the Wiggle Worm, we have a selection of rides that is sure to satisfy all of our customers.

Kiddie Land

Fun Jungle

Kids love making their way through this giant obstacle course!

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Go Gator

A classic kids roller coaster.

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Hang Ten

Riders take a leisurely ride while seated in a comfortable seat that moves up and down into the sky!

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Honey Pots

Riders spin the giant Barrel as the entire ride spins!

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Inflatable Attractions

Kids love to work off some summertime energy bouncing around in our bounce house and inflatable slide!

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Slime Buckets

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Umbrella Cars

A classic for kids! Boys and girls alike can choose between driving their favorite car or motorcycle

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Umbrella Whales

Kids ride on giant whales that swim along a wavy track. Each whale holds 2-3 kids in the front and 1-2 back.

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Western Train

Kids love our Western Train complete with engine sounds, out west music and the famous train whistle!

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Wiggle Wurm

Kids get to ride on the bird or the worm, which is constantly being chased by the bird in a circle!

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Family Attractions

Eli Eagle 16

The Eagle 16 Ferris Wheel is a 75 foot tall, giant, traditional ferris wheel.

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Grand Carousel

The Carousel has been a classic ride for centuries.

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Mystery Mansion

Riders beware of the ghost and goblins hiding around every turn and twist!

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Drivers are able to ride around an arena and "bump" into other drivers!

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Super Slide

This is no playground slide. Our slide spans over 90 feet tall and is three lanes wide!

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Surf Shack

A classic surfer themed fun house. Lots of tricks and a fun rotating barrel at the end.

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A high speed circular swing ride.

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Families ride in spinning cars that spin more and more as they travel up and down over the valleys and hills.

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Major & Spectacular Rides

Cliff Hanger

Fly through the sky on the Cliff Hanger!

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Gee Wizz

The Gee Wizz is a platform ride that whisks riders up and down in a quick, fast paced motion

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Mega Shot

The Mega Shot is a 90 foot tall drop tower that DROPS and PROPELS you toward the ground!

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The Rock-O-Plane is like a Ferris Wheel with completely enclosed seating that can be flipped by the rider.

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As the center of the ride rotates, so does the spindles which the seats are on.

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Sky Quest

This is no ordinary park swing. As the ride picks up speed, riders swing outward on their free moving swing.

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Super Twister

The Super Twister uses centrifugal force to secure riders to the cage.

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The Wipeout spins riders in a circle while the center raises and lowers for added thrill!

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The Zipper is a thrill ride that flips its riders upside down in all different directions.

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