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COVID-19 Safety Procedures

The health, welfare and safety of carnival employees and guests on the midway is our top priority. The procedures and mitigation strategies presented below have been recognized by our industry for protecting carnival employees and guests from potential exposure to COVID-19. By minimizing contacts, promoting social distancing, and increasing cleaning protocols and sanitization, we can welcome guests back to the midway experience, safely.

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Covid-19 Safety Plan Highlights

General Principles

  • If a guest or employee is sick with COVID-19, was recently exposed (within 14 days) to someone with COVID-19, or just does not feel well, they should not visit the midway.
  • Anyone who is in a high-risk category, as defined by the CDC, should not visit the midway.
  • All guests and employees shall wear a cloth face covering in public areas.
  • All guests and employees shall practice social distancing protocols in public areas per local regulations.
  • Carnivals shall communicate and inform guests and employees of all the new protocols and procedures prior to arrival through employee training, social media, and traditional announcement measures such as public address systems and signage.

General Health & Safety

The following considerations must be emphasized. The Carnival will work in conjunction with event organizers on all issues of health and safety.

  • Establish protocols for interim sanitation of all high touch points for each ride, game or concession.
  • Establish increased protocols for sanitizing all public and communal areas, i.e., restrooms, ATM’s, ticket purchase/exchange locations, etc. Encourage purchases be made online or in advance to increase the number of cashless transactions.
  • Utilize touch-free or contactless payment options where possible. This includes transactions for rides, games, and concessions.
  • Provide additional hand washing and/or hand sanitizing stations throughout the midway at entry and exit points, key thoroughfares, attractions, rides, games, food and beverage concessions, and outside restrooms.
  • Place protective screens (plexiglass or other hygienic barriers) wherever possible to separate employees and guests.
  • Establish protocols when an employee or guest exhibits symptoms of COVID-19 when entering or on the midway. Coordinate action with the event sponsors to remove the party from public interaction and provide medical services off the midway if necessary.
  • Establish pedestrian traffic flow plans to reduce bottlenecks and ensure the ability to maintain social distancing on the fair grounds.
  •  Increase the number of available restroom and hand washing facilities to alleviate crowding caused by waiting guests.

Social Distancing & Face Coverings

  • Establish overall capacity limits based on local and state formulas which corresponds to the most recent health and safety order.
  • Limit the number of and capacity of individual rides and games to comply with local regulations for social distancing. Recognize that family members from the same household can be closer together and can be considered a “family unit”. 
  • • Implementation of queue lines which comply with requirements (usually 6 feet for individuals or 10’ for family units).
  • Employees will avoid physically assisting/lifting guests. If a guest needs assistance, a member of their family or family unit should be available to assist.
  • The wearing of face masks or cloth face coverings (covering nose and mouth) provides an additional level of safety for guests and employees and reduces the likelihood of contagious virus droplets transferring from one person to another.

Cleaning & Sanitizing

High touch surfaces will be cleaned throughout the day with an alcohol-based disinfectant. Periodically, attractions will be thoroughly sprayed with EPA approved disinfecting solutions. It is difficult to recommend a single approach to cleaning/sanitizing frequency as a number of factors should be taken into account when making that decision. Those factors include volume of traffic and the number of touches, environment (indoor/outdoor, warm/cold, wet/dry) location, the surface being cleaned, and the cleaning agent properties.


A designated member of our staff will be responsible for coordinating COVID-19 policies and procedures with the event as well as with local HEALTH DEPARTMENTS.

  • Each employee’s temperature will be checked and logged before work shifts and they will not be allowed to work should they register a fever above 100.4 degrees.
  • Staff will be educated on COVID-19 to include sanitation procedures for public and personal areas, social distancing requirements use of PPE, and guest responsibilities.
  • Staff will be trained with protocols developed for the specific ride, game or food concession to which whey are assigned.
  • Staff will be provided cloth protective face coverings, face shields, and other PPE as needed to be worn during all interactions with the public.
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